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Our entire team is dedicated to providing the highest quality of physical therapy, massage therapy, and exercise instruction to help you make real health and fitness gains.

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Where would your life take you if your body didn’t hold you back? Our integrative manual physical therapy, massage therapy, and customized wellness programs give our patients tools and techniques to live the life they want. For almost 20 years, Focal Point Physical Therapy has aligned, balanced and reopened structure for Mainers of all ages and fitness levels. This is local physical therapy completely customized to your abilities, experiences and interests—and it can change your life.

At Focal Point, you are always the focus. Every pelvic floor physical therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, or massage therapy session is always one-on-one in a private room with an experienced certified therapist for one full hour. Even in group settings, like our Scarborough yoga and Pilates courses, you will receive individualized instruction on the form that will best boost your fitness.

Focal Point can move you forward. Many of our patients come to Focal Point at difficult or turning points in their lives: after injury or trauma, because of mid back pain, lower back pain, pelvic pain, before or after childbirth, because they need to lose weight, or because they want to age well. Here, patients find empathy. Fully engaged therapists. Fresh energy for the journey ahead. And they leave empowered to take the next steps—or make the big leaps—toward their goals.

There is no physical therapy in Maine quite like this. See how different Focal Point Physical Therapy can feel. Call 207.289.1010 today to schedule your personal evaluation.