For those who have come to Focal Point over the years, you know us as a place of healing, with one-on-one treatments, individualized health plans, and a goal: help you take control of your physical health. We haven’t changed.

For those who have come to see us recently, however, you may have noticed that we have grown.
In November of 2016 we moved to our new 2000 sq. ft space at 25 Plaza Drive in Scarborough. In January of 2017, we added our Pelvic Floor Team to our already established Orthopedic Practice. This addition has allowed us to reach more people, and do more of the work that we want to do. The launching of this website does not represent a change in how Focal Point does business, but rather it gives us the ability to share our ideas in a simple, and user friendly way.

Over the next few weeks… months… years… we will share our knowledge of everything from exercise, to recipes, to insurance issues. Much of what you read will probably come from actual conversations that we have had with you. I think that’s what sets us apart. In our one-on-one sessions, or in the waiting room, or in the yoga studio, ideas are exchanged and opinions are valued. This blog is a way to share what we learn in our day, and pass it along to others.

Check back with us at our website, join us on Facebook, or subscribe to our e-mail list. New classes, new recipes, and new ideas will be popping up frequently. Don’t miss ’em!