We have the PT skills to offer TRUE wellness care.  Our team approach means patients have expert opinions for each technique.  Our staff offers treatment times from 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday-Thursday and 6:30 a.m. – 4:00  p.m. on Fridays.  Our philosophy is to get you into the schedule and back on your feet so you use treatment time efficiently.  You will have individual assessments and care plans, but by combining manual PT with movement specialists weekly, you will move through the rehab process more quickly and effectively.  You will have the tools at home to keep the gains you make at PT.  We find most patients benefit starting from treatment 2 times per week for 3-4 weeks; then we will re-assess your therapy needs.

We work with insurance companies to offer accessible care, and we offer affordable Wellness cash rates and same-day discounts.   Insurance companies and the current medical system want patients to believe they can only improve once they are ill.  We work with you during episodes of pain AND to support wellness.

At Focal Point we can help you make a difference in your health, your fitness, and your aging.  You CAN feel powerful again.  We offer manual techniques to get your body in balance, and then we draw from our movement expertise (neurological techniques, exercise techniques, clinical experiences) and include tenants from yoga, Pilates, exercise physiology, Mindfulness, and Qi Gong so you leave with moves and ideas that can help support your life.  We provide not just generic handouts but exercise tools.

“The team we have at Focal Point is among the most caring and talented therapists and office staff I’ve had the pleasure to work with.”  – Marie Dittmer, owner and founder

Marie Dittmer, MSPT, founder 

Specialty: Orthopedics, Neurology, Walking-wounded, Seniors

“I had a vision of wellness, accessible to all people.  When our structures are balanced, our body moves out of our way, and we find our true life’s path.”  For over 25 years Marie Dittmer has trained to offer the best physical therapy care, and keep a ‘practice setting’, where the patient is the focus of care.

Her interest in movement began at age 10, when she was a gymnast.  Nothing peaks interest in keeping a balanced body more than knowing a toned body keeps you ON the beam, and away from injury!  This led her to coaching, and eventually toward physical therapy.  Techniques she learned from gymnastics led her to studying the neurologic systems of the body.  Building her orthopedic practice from this base is a very effective choice for patients, especially to support aging.  She has good effect with seniors, athletes, dancers, gymnasts, and beginners (or return to exercise) movers.  She is very excited to expand her offerings to pregnant and post-partum women.

Jennifer Major, DPT

Specialty: Orthopedics, Joint Surgery, Sports Injuries, Seniors, Yoga Certification

“The connection between mind and body is essential, not only for healing, but also for moving forward in your daily life. The postures of yoga help to build body awareness, strengthen, and balance the body to support healing and wellness.”  In addition to being one of our Orthopedic Specialists, Jennifer is a certified yoga teacher.  She combines her PT and yoga skills by offering technique modifications and retraining, then progressing you to yoga flow series.  She can offer this combination in one-to-one treatments as part of your PT program or through private pay, or in her Yoga Classes, held in Focal Point’s Studio. Jennifer enjoys incorporating manual therapy and neuromuscular training into a holistic treatment with her patients.

Jennifer graduated with a BA from Wellesley College, and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of New England in 2007. Jennifer joined Focal Point in October 2012. She has pursued Post-Doctoral education focusing on lower extremity (hip, knee and foot) disorders and kinematics.   She has extensive knowledge in orthopedic physical therapy, exercise instruction, and treatment of specific diagnoses and populations (acute injuries, post-surgical, athletes, pregnancy, seniors, teens). In her free time you can find Jennifer running, biking, doing yoga, skate-skiing, and cooking. Look for her exercise ideas and gluten-free cooking contributions to our Website and Facebook page.

She has significant clinical treatment experience with hip, shoulder, and spine (back) disorders.  Jennifer is available for treatment Monday-Thursday, and for Yoga Classes as scheduled.

Marny Witas, PT

Specialty: Women’s Health, Pregnancy, Pelvic Floor PT, Orthopedics

Marny graduated with a PT degree from UNE in 1992.  She joined FPPT in 2016. Marny combines education, manual therapy techniques, and exercise to help her patients achieve optimal function and independence.

Marny’s clinical background is in orthopedics. She has taken numerous continuing education courses to provide a holistic approach to healing. She has witnessed dysfunction in one’s body which can be manifested from another body part or system. Marny uses her expertise to discern which barriers are causing a patient’s symptoms. Since her clinical experiences demonstrate that not all clients respond to the same type of treatment approach, she enjoys having various techniques available.

One of Marny’s areas of expertise is Pelvic Heath.  The pelvic floor is our skeletal foundation and a vital part of our core stabilization muscles, and is often overlooked.  From the start of her PT training, her clinical interests revolved around the female patient population, specifically pregnancy-related diagnoses.  Her interest and passion of Women’s Health conditions expanded to include Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, beginning with postgraduate courses in 1994.  She enjoys treating women with pelvic floor dysfunction to educate about exercises and self-care tools that increase pelvic floor awareness, strength and endurance.  With over 24 years of experience, Marny is capable of creating an action plan to shift a patient from suffering with a diagnosis, to empowering them to live a full life.

Joanne Blanchard, PT

Specialty: Pelvic Floor PT, Women’s Health

Joanne brings over 40 years of clinical experience to her practice at Focal Point Physical Therapy. She has her Physical Therapy degree from Simmons College and earned a Masters of Science in Business from Husson College. Her physical therapy career includes work in inpatient and outpatient settings at Rhode Island Hospital, Osteopathic Hospital of Maine/Brighton Medical Center, the Visiting Nurse Association, InterMed/Generations and Holistic Physical Therapy Services.

Since 1998 Joanne has specialized in treating men and women with issues related to the pelvic floor. She joined Focal Point Physical Therapy in 2017, and continues to focus on the treatment of pelvic floor problems that include pelvic and genital pain, and problems with bowel and bladder control. Her treatment approach includes manual therapy techniques, core stability training, biofeedback, and education to help her clients achieve lasting successful outcomes. Joanne truly enjoys the collaborative spirit of the therapists at Focal Point Physical Therapy who work together to help all clients achieve their goals, and manage independently when treatment is complete.

When not at work, Joanne enjoys spending time on the Maine coast with her husband, and their dog, Luke, traveling, and visiting their adult son in Rhode Island.

Lynne Saucier, PTA

Specialty: Women’s Health, Pelvic Floor PT, Movement Specialist

Lynne Saucier brought her personal touch to Focal Point in 2017.  A licensed Physical Therapy Assistant since 1986 (in her words, “Yikes!”), Lynne specializes in Pelvic Floor disorders, adding a training component to the manual therapy.  Her focus is on releasing the habitual patterns that cause pain, and retraining the body to promote pain-free movement.  

“I strongly believe education is the path to wellness, and my job is to enhance the healing process.”  In addition to her PTA license, Lynne is a Certified Yoga Instructor, and is trained in Pilates.   Outside of Focal Point, Lynne enjoys nature, travel, hiking and photography.

Adrienne  McAuley, PT, DPT, MEd, OCS, FAAOMPT

Specialty: Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor PT, Dry Needling

Adrienne has a lot of expertise to offer.  She began her career with a BS PT from the University of Vermont in 1994; earned a MA in Education & Human Development (Individualized Program) from George Washington University 2005, and finished her ‘book’ training with a Post-professional Doctor of Physical Therapy from Touro College 2010.  She also holds certifications in McKenzie technique and is a Board Certified Specialist in Orthopedic Physical Therapy.  She studied Dry Needling with one of the founders of the technique, “even before it was popular”.  She teaches in the Physical Therapy Department of UNE.  We are delighted she has agreed to offer her PT services one day a week at Focal Point.

Marcia Sanderson, PT, LMT

Specialty: Orthopedics, KT taping, Massage, Pregnancy

Marcia earned her PT degree from the University of Connecticut in 1978.  She has more than 30 years experience providing physical therapy in multiple settings including rehabilitation, outpatient, hospital based home care, skilled nursing, and currently acute care.  She “moon lights” at FPPT to keep her manual and orthopedic skills fresh.   Marcia joined the team at Focal Point Physical Therapy in 2009. She has added craniosacral therapy and Kinesio Taping into her skill set.  She offers physical therapy two afternoon-evenings a week, and massage therapy by appointment.

Her time spent assisting clients’ recovery from acute injury and illness fueled a desire for a more holistic way to practice. Craving more professional challenges and wanting to add to her problem-solving skills, Marcia completed massage training at the Spa Tech Institute in 2008.  As a massage therapist, Marcia’s goal is to provide massage that promotes healing, comfort, and a sense of well being. Marcia has a deep understanding of the body’s connections, structures, and mechanics. She combines this knowledge with a wonderful massage flow. We are pleased to have Marcia offer her high level of massage therapy at FPPT. You will leave feeling invigorated, grounded, and more open.

Dave Dittmer, Practice Manager

With a  background in insurance billing, sales, marketing, and law, Dave brings a different perspective to Focal Point.  While the therapists focus their energy on healing, Dave focuses his energy on dealing with the ever changing world of insurance and healthcare.  Dave does the insurance and client billing, with the goal of maximizing the benefit to the client.

In addition to the insurance work, Dave does the behind the scenes work at Focal Point.  You will often see him behind the front desk, (or sometimes under it if there is a computer issue).  He is always happy to answer your insurance questions (there’s something you don’t hear every day),  and is available most days.  If he is not in the clinic, he will try to respond to any questions within 48 hours.

Other team players:  These team members offer services at FPPT to allow us to offer a broader patient experience.  Look for their offerings on our Facebook page.

Nancy Sturdevant, RN, LMT

Specialty:  Massage Therapy

Nancy offers high quality massage for children, teens, adults, and during and after pregnancy.  Her medical experience as a nurse allows her to be comfortable with any diagnoses as part of your presentation.  She offers very deep to light touch techniques, and is very capable of adjusting your treatment to meet your wellness needs.  Nancy is a conscientious and curious clinician.  She is consistently taking classes for advanced massage techniques, to expand her offerings to her clients.  She works by appointment, and has evening and weekend hours.

Bethany Cunningham, BS

Specialty: Mindfulness Educator

Bethany has practiced Mindfulness since 2001. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology from St. Michael’s College and she also has a background in education. Bethany is specifically trained in Mindfulness fundamentals, difficult emotions, stress management and working with conflict. Currently, she is teaching a year-long mindfulness program to teachers, staff and students at St. Brigid School in Portland, Maine. She also provides workshops and classes to schools and businesses throughout Maine and New Hampshire. In addition to teaching Mindfulness, Bethany owns and operates 2 independent businesses. She resides in Scarborough, Maine.  We are happy to have her offer classes at Focal Point.