What to expect: communication, expertise
Our therapists each have an average of 25 + years of experience in treating your lower back pain, pelvic floor imbalances, pelvic pain, and sports or orthopedic injuries.  Our therapists have worked in conjunction with many other providers and in varied health care facilities.  We have the expertise it will take to move you toward your health and fitness goals.

What do we typically work on?
We can help after surgery, labor and delivery, during pregnancy, assist you with changes during aging, and help if your life has taken a painful turn.  We are here to teach you about your body and how to use exercise and self-care techniques to your best advantage.  Our therapists use manual physical therapy and exercise techniques to reduce your pain. In addition to our orthopedic rehabilitation and pelvic floor physical therapy, we offer massage therapy and wellness programs.

Can Anyone see a Physical Therapist?
Yes. Patients can seek physical therapy In Maine with Direct Access, meaning you have the right to see a PT without a referral.

If you want your insurance to cover your treatment, however, you likely will need to see your doctor first to discuss your pain and/or injury. Your doctor writes a referral for physical therapy with the diagnosis, and you make the appointment with us.  We keep in contact with your physician; together PT and patient will create the treatment plan.  Our front office works with you to provide information to your insurer so you get the most out of your medical benefit.

Will my insurance cover the costs?
We are providers with many insurance companies. Please bring in your medical insurance card (s), referral, and any claim number information.  Our office staff can assist you in finding out more about your coverage benefits. After discharge from physical therapy covered by your insurance, you may want to utilize our Wellness Programs.

What do I wear?
Loose clothing you can move in is best.  Many patients opt for shorts and a sports bra or bathing suit.  If your goals include walking or running, be sure to bring appropriate shoes, inserts, braces, and equipment.

What do I bring?
Any medical information (health record, medication list, medical team member names) can be sent to our office so we can review them with you at your evaluation.  If you have exercise materials (books, videos) or questions, please bring them so we can see where you are starting from, and how much retraining you might need.  We prefer to start within a framework with which you are already familiar.  We plan to use what you already know, and re-train from there.

Have questions before you set up your physical therapy evaluation?  Contact us today at (207) 289-1010 or visit our office in Scarborough, Maine.