Are you engaged in a silent struggle?
For many people—most of them women—pelvic muscles don’t work as well as they should. The “silent muscles” of our pelvic floor regulate our urinary and bowel movements, help us to enjoy sex, support our lower back, and stabilize our core. Childbirth, aging, medical conditions, or injury can cause a pelvic floor disorder, a condition affecting one-third of American women at some point in their lives. The symptoms of PFD—incontinence, painful intercourse, muscle spasms, pelvic pain, and more—can be embarrassing, unpredictable and painful. They can keep you from living the life you want.

Focal Point has made pelvic floor physical therapy our personal focus.
Pelvic floor disorder isn’t natural or inevitable. It is treatable. And at Focal Point, our specialized pelvic floor rehabilitation program is completely customized for you: your symptoms, your strengths, your schedule. We go beyond Kegels to create cutting-edge pelvic floor exercises and strategies that can truly set you free.

At Focal Point, you won’t face it alone.
The Focal Point promise that you will see your own dedicated, licensed therapy professional for one full hour in a private room is one of the reasons our pelvic floor therapy is so powerfully effective. You will have the private space—and the personal support—to practice new kinds of Kegel exercises, movements, and relaxation techniques. From exercise training, integrative manual physical therapy, and biofeedback to massage therapy, we give you the tools you need to take back your life.

When your pelvic floor therapy is done you can still make progress.
Pelvic floor patients also benefit from individualized instruction in our wide range of wellness programs and fitness classes, from Pilates to yoga, as well as classes on Body Connections, Baby and Me, and personal training.

A problem this personal needs personalized physical therapy. See how different Focal Point Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy can make you feel. Call 207.289.1010 today to schedule your confidential personal evaluation.