What is physical therapy?
Physical therapy has been used to help people recover from injuries and illness since 1894. It became popular during the times of the great wars, and the polio epidemics. Outpatient PT didn’t become popular until the 1970’s. Today, Physical Therapists can work in many settings: hospitals, physical rehabilitation centers, outpatient orthopedic, neurologic settings, and home health to name a few.
The main goals of physical therapy are to evaluate function and structure, and then to enhance function. We work to reduce pain, improve range of motion, instruct in good body mechanics, and educate on posture/gait/exercise. In short, our goals are to restore your function and help you get back to living.

How are Physical Therapists Trained?
Currently a Physical Therapist must have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher and hold a Maine state license to practice in Maine. Soon a Doctorate in physical therapy will be required of all new graduates in order to practice. This means your therapist had 5 to 7 years of training before becoming licensed.

A Physical Therapy Assistant has a rigorous two-year training in the skills of physical therapy, and is eligible for specialized training in treatment techniques.

What it means to be Holistic
We define this as taking into consideration your lifestyle, your medical history, and your fitness/ lifestyle goals. We work to balance your tissues and educate you on how to live within your body in a more balanced way. We are happy to work with other disciplines, and we will discuss with you or refer you for treatment with other practitioners if we feel this is in your best interest.

Populations and Diagnoses We Serve
We are proud to offer physical therapy for veterans, seniors, and patients after accidents, surgery, or injuries.  We provide PT to students, and physical therapy for sports enthusiasts of all ages and experience.  We have worked with college, elite, teen and high school athletes, weekend warriors, beginners or returners to exercise.  We have experience working w/ gymnasts, swimmers, Triathletes, and dancers.  We combine physical therapy and yoga, Pilates, and modern and traditional exercise methods.  We can help treat your lower back pain, mid back pain, pregnancy / maternity needs, and pelvic pain .   Once you are back to your life we can support you with massage therapy and our wellness programs.

Our holistic team approach can increase your health, function, and fitness. Ready to make your health your focus?  Focal Point offers high quality local physical therapy. Schedule your physical therapy evaluation by contacting us today (207) 289-1010.