Our Maine orthopedics  team offers you manual physical therapy and expert advice on body alignment and postures.  We can guide you to learn how you can modify your exercise and every day routines to optimize your health.

Time is money  Our orthopedic rehabilitation team is committed to you changing your status from a life of pain and limitations into a life of function.  We offer personalized time so you gain the care you deserve.  Our team members have an average of 25+ years of experience per staff member, so yes, we can confidently offer you expert advice.

Value for your time  If you’ve thought a good deep massage would improve your health, then consider Focal Point Physical Therapy.  We elevate a “good deep massage” to powerful treatment through manipulative therapy techniques.  Here are some of the manual physical therapy  techniques we utilize to help you reach your health and fitness goals:

  • Myofascial Release
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Integrated Manual Therapy (IMT)
  • Neuromuscular Re-education (NMR) techniques (PNR, NDT, Feldenkrais)
  • Joint Mobilization (Matiland, McKenzie, Mulligan, Hoban, Rex)
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling

Exercise Instruction:  We offer instruction one patient w/ one therapist, where you will learn HOW to exercise safely and effectively.  HOW?  We will evaluate your medical history, structure, and any muscle or skeletal imbalances and then assess your patterns of movement (your neurological strategies or mechanics).  We combine this information to modify your physical movements to match or improve your nervous system patterns.  So you are re-trained to move and feel better.  The take away?  You can learn to be more effective in taking care of your body before, during, and after exercise.

What do we value  You can CHOOSE your care.  In the current medical climate, there is too much “medical industry”; Focal Point was founded to keep health care honest.  Our rehabilitation therapy team works to meet your needs so you can reach your goals, and your potential.  Think outside of the box, and let us help you move, learn, and feel better.

Our team treats one person, for one hour.  Why? Because that’s what you, the consumer, deserves.  CHOOSE more.  Choose CARE.  Want more information on Staff?  See our About page and click on Meet our Team.  Then Call 207.289.1010 today to schedule your personal evaluation.