Many of our clients come with injuries from participating in exercise, sports, and taking a variety of classes. We know that it can be easy to lose focus. In class one might focus to stay at the speed of the rest of the class, rather than staying within the boundaries of the body’s structure. Our classes at Focal Point are offered to improve muscle balances, posture, strength, and flexibility. We teach the basics of Pilates, yoga, stretching, and strength moves, so you can learn to take your body with you when entering a class setting.

Classes are small, up to 8 participants. The classes run 6-8 weeks, and individual attention is given to participants by our PT staff. (Your insurance company may cover the cost of these classes.) Other special classes such as therapeutic yoga, couple’s massage, postural analysis/training, maternity classes, and family classes, etc. will be offered in 1-2 sessions, generated by client interest.

Body Connections Classes
Focal Point offers unique classes in a small studio setting. These classes are led by a fully licensed physical therapist or physical therapy assistant. In this way, we can be effective to modify your exercise form, and help you to avoid pushing into pain or injury. Modifications will be made during class times, through verbal and tactile cues. At the end of each class time, an outline of moves or strategies will be offered, so that you can make notes to take home. Class-size is usually between four and eight participants, leaving plenty of one- on -one or focused instruction opportunities for you. If you have a class idea, and have a group or audience in mind, we can probably design a class to meet your specific needs. In these classes, we will utilize exercise strategies from Pilates, yoga, traditional flexibility and strength exercises, moves over a therapeutic ball. You will be instructed in how to increase stability, mobility, elongation, and reciprocal motions. See our “essential moves” section for more details.
Please refer to our schedule for more information.

Our therapists utilize yoga in most of our home program instruction, and they are well-versed in the tenants, forms, and movement patterns associated with yoga. They combine their expertise in physical therapy with their knowledge of the body of yoga. It is essential to our philosophy to incorporate body function and structure with any exercise instruction. This combination serves The advanced yoga student as well as the novice. Classes can be offered at different levels, and can be welcoming to all levels. Refer to class schedule for more details.

Introductory Classes
We offer several entry level courses, so that you can come and learn about a new exercise strategy, or gain new insights into your exercise form. These classes offer safe tips and how to begin a practice including yoga, Pilates, cardiovascular exercise, stretching, and weight training programs. They are ideal for those new to exercise, or those returning to exercise. These are safe and suitable for postpartum and elderly clients.

Yoga for the Weekend Warrior
Jennifer will take you through a series of yoga moves designed to improve your sports level. She will design her program to compliment activities or sports you enjoy playing. These classes are a great way to learn while meeting new people, and laughing all the way.

Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise
These classes are designed to support the mother and child during pregnancy and for the first year after labor and delivery. We will offer instruction for mother and child, and for parents. In this way, you can learn safe mechanics when dealing with all the equipment that comes of raising a child. You can gain strategies and how to remain strong, balanced, and injury free. We will utilize strategies from Pilates, yoga, strength training, and offer guidance for cardiovascular exercise.

Cardio Classes
These classes will utilize Pilates, yoga, interval training, weight training, use of therapeutic balls, step aerobics, and kickboxing moves. With so much variety, you’re sure to not be bored! This class is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness.

Tens & Teens
These classes are designed for mature children and teenagers alike. We will utilize exercise strategies from yoga, Pilates, offer challenging balance techniques, teach functional posture, utilize interval and weight training, a bit of gymnastics, and touches on cardiovascular exercise. This class is designed to help kids move more effectively, in more balanced ways, thus promoting confidence with movement. This class is ideally designed for recreational exercisers. All fitness levels are welcome.

We are happy to offer clinics in 1 to 4 week increments. He’s clinics will be focused workshops, with the intention of teaching a specific exercise type, or offer you a chance to build on your home program. Individualized instruction will be included. Written instructions and outlines will also be included.

These programs are designed for families in the community. FiT-CiA stands for families in training, communities in action. At these events, all levels and ages are welcome to attend class. We will work on functions such as balance, posture, lifting mechanics, core strength, flexibility, and we will combine it with fun for all ages. We have designed this series for those parents who would like to have their children engaged and more formally instructed in how to move the body. There will be some anatomy review, and lots of information to help us all lead happier and healthier lives, and have fun!